Proactive customer engagement

We create customer experiences that are so closely aligned with your brand, they feel in-house, not outsourced. Our services map your customer’s journey right from the moment they visit your site, helping your business to grow without sacrificing quality or efficiency.


Our research services identify where target customers are and how to reach them, through desk-based research across a combination of resources, including published databases, annual reports, media and PR resources and industry newsletters

We helped OOONO, a fast-growing Danish ecommerce retailer of innovative car gadgets, to expand from a single Amazon store to its own European ecommerce stores by researching and recommending markets suitable for growth.


Our team is well versed in supporting marketing campaigns through the management of inbound and outbound messaging from campaigns, and also delivering follow-up services to manage enquiries.

Newstel partnered with Fanfuel, a growing marketing network in the health and nutrition sector, to conduct research to identify potential new affiliates and to manage the onboarding and monitoring of selected sales partners to the network.


Our agents are experts at gaining customer trust from the outset, converting a sales lead into an active customer by getting in touch through touch points such as web chat and telephone calls.

We also offer solutions that convert potentially missed sales into conversions, whether when a customer’s card has been declined,  or when a shopping cart has been “abandoned” for more than a few minutes.  Combined with our abandoned cart technology solutions, our team makes outbound calls to the customer to assist with payment, or offer an incentive to complete the purchase.

Our support with “abandoned shopping carts” at Wolfson Brands, a global health and wellness online retailer, reduced cart abandonment rates by 30% and increased annual profits by €500K.