24/7 Omnichannel Customer support

Building an amazing outsourced support team that feels more like an in-house team is about understanding which KPIs matter most to your business then aligning your team, tools and processes to meet those metrics and creating an amazing customer experience.

Support that scales with your business

Our roots are in ecommerce and we fully understand the peaks and troughs of online business.  That’s why we offer clients the ability to scale up and down resources at short notice to meet seasonal peaks or periods of high demand.  Our clients say they value the ability to scale up support by as much as 20% with just 7 days notice. And, just as importantly, they can scale back down quickly too.

Your starting team

Your scaled up team

Your scaled down team

We work with reusable bottle retailer Chilly’s to run their core customer service team, which can quickly scale up ten-fold during peak sales periods such as Christmas.

Multilingual, omnichannel support

We offer 24/7 customer support across all channels, including:


(inbound and outbound)



WhatsApp, Messenger and other social media apps

Our customer support is truly multilingual as we only employ native speakers on the team.  We know that the best experience for customers is when they are talking to someone who not only speaks the same language, but who is culturally aware of customs and approaches in their own country. 

We cover most European languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Customer-centric order management

Customers are looking for easy interactions with your business.  If something has gone wrong, we set out to resolve it with the least friction for the customer, so they come away feeling positive about your brand and the purchase experience.  Our agents are fully trained in how to handle complaints, returns and refunds. We also look for opportunities to streamline processes to deliver an even better customer experience.

Cross selling and Upselling

Our agents are trained in soft sales techniques and recognise opportunities to engage with customers and increase basket values.  As our agents are trained specifically on your products and services, they understand how to help customers choose products that compliment each other. 

We help our client Wolfson Brands to boost sales of its workout products by engaging with customers who have ordered a pre-workout powder to offer suggestions on post-workout supplements such as protein powders. We also add to the tailored customer experience by checking if customers are vegan or have specific allergies, and make recommendations accordingly.